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First of all, a big Thank you to everyone who landed on my blog…. I can say Oracle DBA is one of the highly stable job as DATA is a important part of every organization and they need that to be in the capable hands of a good DBA’s. You may heard the word Oracle […]

Oracle 12c database switchover steps using OEM and blackout mode steps

This article will show Oracle 12c database switchover steps using OEM and blackout mode steps:   Oracle database switchover steps using OEM Search the primary database name in the Search Target Name Textbox and the respective Standby database will get display to their below which I numbered as 2. If you have multiple standby database for […]

Scripts for finding errors Oracle/Unix

There are some ways which we can automate the things, either scripting or any realted tools. Here I have used some scripts for finding errors Oracle/Unix:   Below is the csh scripts to find out ORA- errors and get that errors triggered to your mail id: #!/bin/csh setenv MAILLIST=”test@mail.com” setenv EXEDIR $ORACLE_HOME/bin setenv TRIGGER_MAIL /tmp/ora_errors.log setenv […]

EXPDP backup important parameters

Export backup is one of the great feature introduced by Oracle, we can take backup of whole database,single schema, single table or single row of the table by this utility. Below is simple example for taking export backup of single schema/user: expdp username@db_name DIRECTORY=directory_name DUMPFILE=dumpfile_name.dmp logfile=logfile_name.log schemas=username We can use two different directories for dumpfile […]

GoldenGate issues solving and find out replication is going on which Source and Target of GoldenGate

If you try to start GoldenGate and facing below error , there is workaround for this: Issue 1: test13@DEV []$ agctl start goldengate gg_test CRS-2673: Attempting to stop ‘test-gg-vip.testinv.com’ on ‘test14’ CRS-2677: Stop of ‘test-gg-vip.testinv.com’ on ‘test14’ succeeded CRS-2672: Attempting to start ‘test-gg-vip.testinv.com’ on ‘test13’ CRS-2676: Start of ‘test-gg-vip.testinv.com’ on ‘test13’ succeeded CRS-2672: Attempting to […]

How to add disk in ASM diskgroup

Below are three important Diskgroup types you must know before adding disk: MEMBER – Disk is a member of an existing disk group. FORMER – Disk was once part of a disk group but has been dropped cleanly from the group. It may be added to a new disk group with the ALTER DISKGROUP statement. CANDIDATE […]

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